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The Art Institute of Chicago shares its singular collections with our city and the world. We collect, care for, and interpret works of art across time, cultures, geographies, and identities, centering the vision of artists and makers. We recognize that all art is made in a particular context, demanding continual, dynamic reconsideration in the present. We are a place of gathering; we foster the exchange of ideas and inspire an expansive, inclusive understanding of human creativity.



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A Sign of Things to Come: Prints by Japanese Women Artists after 1950

Matsu (Pine Tree)Walden PondRequiem (Chinkon) No. 2Anticipation (Uchinarumono)Sign (Kizashi)Valley of Butterflies (Tanimano cho)Cool Breeze (Sofu)Bird Beginning Flight (Tobitatsu tori)Yang Kuei Fei

Buddhism and Buddhist Art

The Birth and First Seven Steps of the BuddhaGable with Sumati Prostrating before the Buddha DipankaraEight Great Events from the Life of the BuddhaGod Shiva Seated with the Seven Mother Goddesses (Saptamatrika)Untitled item 66245cd30452c2b1fc0e08f9Untitled item 66245cd30452c2b1fc0e08faUntitled item 66245cd30452c2b1fc0e08fb

Americas in the Making

Elizabeth Grant Bankson Beatty (Mrs. James Beatty) and Her Daughter SusanReady-to-WearPortrait of a Naval OfficerMrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene)Portrait of Charles DeeringA City ParkBar-room SceneAfter the BullfightOld Tower at AvignonFlower Girl in HollandWoman with a Bird CageThanksgiving